When does registration for (this) workshop open?

Registration for a workshop typically opens 7 days before the course is scheduled.

What time of the day is (this) workshop?

Workshops are typically held from 9:00am - 5:00pm with sign-ins beginning just after 8:30am.

What are the dates for (these) workshops?

All current dates for upcoming courses can be found on the individual workshop pages or on the latest workshop schedule hosted on the front page.

Where are your workshops held?

Workshops are typically held in Donald Bren Hall 3011 or 4011. Events and courses that are co-sponsored by other groups may be held in other locations such as Calit2.

Why am I unable to register?

Our current course cap is at 50 registrants. If registration has been open for a while, it is likely that all of the RSVP spots are filled. Some courses fill up within the hour. If you can not register, you are still encouraged to attend as a walk-in to fill the seats of the no-shows.

How many people can attend a workshop?

Our current RSVP limit is 50.

When will (this) workshop be held again?

Most workshops are held at least once a quarter. If a workshop is not scheduled again for this quarter, check back early next quarter for our latest course offerings.

How much does it cost to attend your courses?

Our courses are free to attend and will provide coffee/bagels in the morning, sandwiches and chips for lunch, drinks and more coffee in the afternoon.

Are your courses available for non-UCI members?

Our current offerings are only available to UCI grad students, researchers, faculty, and select undergraduates from sponsored programs.

Can I be a TA for DSI?

To be a TA for DSI, we ask that you have completed 3 of our courses and are aiming for your Data Science Certificate. If you meet these requirements, please email Micah at gmjackso@uci.edu.

Can I be an Instructor for DSI?

To qualify to be an instructor for DSI, you must have completed our certificate program and have outside experience, or have sufficient outside experience for the course that you are interested in teaching.

How can I sign up for the Data Science Certificate?

After completing three of our courses, for now you can reach out to Micah at gmjackso@uci.edu. Registration forms for the certificate are coming soon!

How can I be notified of upcoming workshops and events?

Sign up for our mailing list. All courses and special events will be announced through this list.